Extend Your Car's Warranty Coverage With:

3-Year / 36,000 Extended Warranty

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  1. Day One Coverage
  2. Standard Deductible - $100
  3. Renewable - When you are close to your coverage expiring, you may be eligible for renewal to purchase a second policy
  4. Other Deductibles Available - $0 & $250
  5. Transferable - Your vehicle service contract can be transferred should you decide to sell the vehicle privately


Our basic coverage:
  • Engine Group
  • Turbocharger/Supercharger
  • Transmission, Transaxle & Transfer Case (4x4/AWD Only)
  • Drive Axle Group
  • Seals & Gaskets


Includes Powertrain coverage, plus:
  • Power Steering Group
  • Air Conditioning Group
  • Electrical Group


Includes Powertrain & Vintage coverage, plus:
  • Brake Group


Includes Powertrain, Vintage, & Domain coverage, plus:
  • Front/Rear Suspension Group
  • Enhanced Electrical Group
  • Cooling Group
  • Seals & Gaskets

RESERVE (Best Choice)

Includes Estate, Domain, Vintage, & Powertrain coverage

The Reserve plan is the highest level of coverage. An exclusionary policy covering all components on your vehicle except items considered normal maintenance by the manufacturer.*

*The following items are not covered: Spark/Glow plugs, Cap and Rotors. PCV Vales, Emission Components, Filters, Fly Wheels, Flex Plates, Clutch Assembly and Hydraulics, Brake & Clutch Linings, Pressure Plate, Throw-out & Pilot Bearings, Hoses, Molded Rubber or Rubber-like items, Glass Lenses, any component whose only purpose is for illumination, such as but not limited to: Sealed Beams, High Intensity Discharge (HID or Xenon) Bulbs, HID, Headlamp assemblies, H.I.L.E.D. Cooling Systems, LED Assemblies, Light Bulbs, Lenses, Wheels, Tires, Trim, Moldings, Bright Metal, Upholstery, Paint, Exhaust System (excluding cracked or warped exhaust manifold), Brake Rotors and Drums, Batteries (excluding Hybrid/Electric/High Voltage Battery), Carburetor, Adjustments to: Carburetor, Throttle Body Assembly, Ignition, Transmission Bands, Belts, or Clutch System; Clean Fuel and Cooling Systems, Remove Sludge, or Carbon Deposits, Add Oil, Coolant, Fluids, Lubricants, Greases, or Refrigerants, Convertible/Vinyl Tops, Phones, Television/DVD Players, Satellite Radio and Electronic Device Software

Extended Coverage Offers You These Built-In Program Benefits:

Towing Service

Flat Tire

Emergency Fuel
Delivery Service

Battery Jump

Key Lock-Out

Rental Cars

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