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Platinum Detail Package:  $299
Includes a thorough exterior wash of your vehicle's paint and a deep cleaning of your wheels and tires.  We use a lubricated clay bar to remove stubborn contaminants like bug and tar that cannot be removed with a typical wash. After removing all the debris and contaminants, we perform a multi-step polish and wax to remove minor scratches and bring out the luster and shine, leaving a slick finish. Next, we do a full interior cleaning with an interior wipe down, cleaning the headliner, dash, console, door jams, windows and seats. We steam clean the seats, extract the carpets and recondition the leather making your car feel as good as new! 

Platinum Detail with Simoniz Paint & Interior Protection: $895

The Platinum Detail with Simoniz Paint and Interior Protection package includes the Platinum exterior and interior detailing and then we apply the Simoniz Glasscoat products to the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants that temporarily "cover the surface", Glasscoat® chemically reacts with hydrogen and oxygen on the surface of the clearcoat. The end result is an extremely tough and durable ceramic film which protects your vehicles' paint.

GlassCoat Protects your vehicle's interior as well. Simoniz® utilizes Stain Sentry advanced surface protectors for the interior seats, floor mats and carpeting of your vehicle. This process protects your interior from stains from any consumable food product plus make-up, vomit, crayons, urine, blood and pet waste. 

Platinum Detail Package

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Platinum Detail with Simoniz

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